Splash – Funny gutter service stories

When it comes to funny gutter service stories, we got you covered for days. This is something that we have plenty of because we have been in the business of fixing and installing gutters since 2001. During those many years, we have been lucky to see some very funny scenarios that happened to some of our clients. People might think that just because we work with gutters all day that we don’t see or do funny things on our workplace, but that is not completely correct, from time to time we pull a prank or two. If you want to hear about some of the funny stories that we have, then we suggest that you continue reading this article because we have picked out the best stories to share with you.

The Wrong Address

post2aThere was this one time when one of the clients that we were working with provided us with the wrong address. You might think that this wasn’t a big problem because we realized the mistake, but no. In fact, we went out to the given address and actually started cleaning the gutters because we had a deal to not wait for the client. Therefore, we arrived at the destination and started cleaning the gutters as we would.

We knew something was off because the gutters that we were cleaning actually looked quite alright and our client reported that he had major issues with clogged up gutters. So, we decided to call the client once again just to ask him where he saw the clogging of the gutters we could locate it. While on the phone, we realized that we were not in the right house because the house that he was describing wasn’t the one that we were working on. However, at the end, it all worked out because we apologized to the people on whose home we started working on and they got a free gutter cleaning.

Hidden Treasure

post2bOur second story isn’t just funny it is very hard to believe it actually happened. We were working with a client one day and all that we had to do is simply clean the gutters from the dirt. Therefore, we started working and within just ten or fifteen minutes in the work, one of the team members who was cleaning the gutters discovered something very interesting and unique. He actually found a diamond ring inside the dirt. We were all shocked to see it and we didn’t believe it was real. Then the client came and recognized the ring. In fact, there was a carving on the inside of the ring with the name of his wife.